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Quit job? Check. Sell stuff? Check. Move aboard a sailboat? Check. Sail south to the Caribbean? Check. Learn to sail? That's on the to-do list!   

When Kristen was in her mid-20s, she and her husband quit their jobs, sold their stuff, and sailed their 27-foot sailboat into the sunset. Their destination? The swaying coconut palm trees of the eastern Caribbean. The initial plan was a simple tropical sabbatical, but the trip changed Kristen’s fundamental views on how to live well. After a three-year adventure, instead of bringing home shell necklaces and baskets full of sea glass, she returned with a new philosophy on how to live a simple, meaningful life - she learned how to live on island time. 

Interjected with both humor and introspection, Living on Island Time, All the Time tells the story of the voyage through the Bahamas and the eastern Caribbean, while simultaneously weaving in overarching themes of happiness, well-being, marriage, and social capital that are pertinent to creating a good life in today’s fast-paced world. For hands-on thinkers, each chapter ends with a set of exercises designed to help the reader take concrete steps to create a more intentional life

If you want to live a simpler life that is rooted in the present, this book is for you. As an added bonus, you can also kick back and enjoy some tropical storytelling. You won’t learn to sail, but you will learn a few easy steps that can help you discover your own island time, no matter where you are or what you are doing in the world.

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  1. Hi: Just bought your book. I think I saw you all when I was a charter boat skipper in the Caribbean in the 2004-1011 era. there aren't many Albin 27s and you were in Marina Cay BVI. Anchored over the shoal. He dove to check anchor. My charterers were blown away... what are thay doing, why didn't we, what is that tiny boat, can you sail one of those on the ocean...? It was a fun night explaining it all. Norm/Harwich MA

  2. Just finished the book. Good read. And.. that was you at Marina Cay!

    The Albin was a great choice. When I read about your first pick, my heart sank. Then you bought the right boat.