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Happy Sailing. Life isn't always smooth sailing, but we can try to make even the rough bits happy.

Or, what I learned while sailing around the Bahamas and the eastern Caribbean on a small sailboat and how that can apply to living on dirt.

Or, figuring out how to kick back Jimmy Buffett style.

Plain and simple: life is stressful. It could be better. We don't need a high-paid shrink or a series of self-help books to tell us that. So how can we make it better? Let's inject our lives with a few more laid-back, easygoing moments similar to those found on a tropical vacation, and spend less time running from one activity to the next, flopping down on the couch at 8PM for another bad reality show. 

This blog will challenge you to think about active ways to incorporate more happiness and well-being in your life. It's a meeting place for people striving to live more mindfully and intentionally. I call it island time. Others may call it the good life. What will you call it?

I've lived in the rat race. I've worked a 60+ hour a week job in a corporate law firm. I've commuted. I've owned a nice car. Then I quit. My husband and I sold all our stuff, bought a small sailboat, and pointed the bow south to the palm trees and white sand beaches of the Caribbean. I learned how to find, clean, and cook conch; I learned how to string a hammock between two palm trees; and I learned how to mix a mean painkiller. But I also learned how to live well. I learned how to live on island time.

"That's great," you say, your voice dripping with sarcasm. "But I don't know how to sail and I'm not ready to move out of my comfortable condo in the city to live off the land." Can you live on island time in mainstream society? Is it possible to live an intentional, purposeful life while balancing work, home, and nearly non-existent free time? Yes. Yes. YES!

Poke around this site to find articles on home, marriage, the environment, community, generosity, freedom, and relaxation. Look for tips for better living and practical exercises that can help you take concrete steps to live more intentionally.

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