Friday, March 7, 2014

playing in a small space

A fellow boat mom once told me to not even bother trying to make regular toys or furniture work on the boat. They just won't fit. I was going to have to use my imagination and our DIY skills to make the boat kid friendly. Before Freja became mobile I did a lot of sewing to baby proof the boat: I sewed fabric gates to block off the stairs and lee-cloths to contain her in the vee-berth. We've moved toys around and cleared bookshelves to find the best set-up. And, sometimes, it's not all that difficult (or expensive).

No space for an easel? Simple. Tape some paper on the fridge. Instant easel.

Looking for a cheap and cheerful hiding spot for kids that's also storage friendly? Ikea sells a collapsible tent for $10. Both the girls love it and it has provided active entertainment during this long winter. Perfect.

It folds flat for easy storage behind the couch.

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