Monday, April 14, 2014

Mindful Monday

I've been thinking about my screen time. Am I addicted to the screen? Facebook, email, sailing blogs? Despite the fact that I don't even have a smart phone, I easily log in 3 hours a day online. It seems like  the minute I get a spare moment to myself I flip open my computer and check my email and Facebook. I leave a few comments in one of the groups I belong to, maybe I upload a photo, check the weather, scan the news headlines.

I love the internet for the social connection it gives me when I could otherwise live a rather isolated life, at home with the girls for many, many hours a day. I love the support it provides via a mom's Facebook group; I love the inspiration I get from a women sailors group; I love how sailing blogs feed my wanderlust; I love the connection I make and keep with friends and family that life far away.

Two years ago I gave up Facebook for Lent. And I was fine. Totally fine. I honestly don't know if I could do that again. I rely on it too much for technology-facilitated human interaction. (If that becomes a catchphrase I hereby trademark it!)

But I need to insert a little balance into my daily life. I've written about this before: Hans and I put the girls to bed and immediately get on our individual computers and start "looking things up." That inclination has lessened since the weather has gotten nicer. We've been sitting on the back deck more, talking about our upcoming trip south or weightier issues like urban poverty and economic mobility.

I need to be a little more mindful about my free time and how my time usage makes me feel immediately after the fact and several hours later. Was I productive? Did I relax? Am I reenergized to give more of myself to the girls?

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