Wednesday, June 28, 2017

St. Augustine

June 26, 2017
Day 3 - St. Augustine
0 miles

A visit to the shell shop is an absolute must for Freja.

I love traveling by boat. It’s a completely different perspective on towns and nature than from land. I stood in the shade and breeze on the back deck and drank my coffee while watching the town wake up. An osprey flew overhead, a group of joggers passed by, a woman sat on the porch of an inn drinking coffee, two roofers started work on a roof line, a few boaters dinghied past.

8:30 and Hans was taking apart the water pump. The hope was that it was simply missing an O ring. The reality is that some internal seal seemed to be shredding and the whole pump needs to be replaced. Phone calls upon phone calls and Hans located one.

We all dinghied ashore and went our separate ways. I most definitely got the good end of the deal - a morning wandering in and out of shops, visiting a natural history museum, eating ice cream, and drinking iced coffee; whereas Hans was stuck walking to the marine store, finding the pump and spending the day installing the new pump.

We found a great UF museum right next to the main plaza.
Free entry and fantastic interactive exhibits about the early settlers and the archeological history.
Good news: he found a new pump. Tricky part: the hoses didn’t align exactly so it isn’t a mere plug and play installation. But with a lot of time, sweat, and's installed! We're up and running again!

The work continues. Quiet time for most of the crew; sweaty work for our captain/engineer.

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