Saturday, June 7, 2014

Boating. Really boating.

at anchor near Calabash, NC

This four week trip from Philadelphia to Jacksonville is making the entire five years of living aboard Rhumb Line 100% worth it. It’s not that the trip is exciting beyond compare or that living aboard at our dock in Philadelphia was terrible. Far from it. While we are, of course, having fun, it’s more than that. 

What makes this trip so great is the fact that we’re finally going cruising again. Ever since we landed in Philadelphia five years ago, we’ve sat on the back deck of our boat and looked at the same condos and the same restaurant and talked about our cruising dreams. Now we’re finally doing it. We untied the dock lines, waved goodbye to our fabulous boat neighbors and friends, and set off into the sunrise. It's only a short cruise and we're not stopping at any exotic ports, but we're still cruising.

As an added benefit to the gorgeous sunrises and sunsets, this boat, our floating home, is doing what it should be doing. It’s not staying put in a marina, day in and day out. It’s moving; it’s being anchored; it’s being docked. We’re using all the systems; we’re updating some of them. We’re using the boat. And the reward for us: instead of seeing the same old scene again and again, we see different scenery every day.

It’s a good feeling.


morning music

Hans and Freja fishing before bedtime.
Anchored on Thoroughfare Creek, just north of Georgetown, SC.

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