Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Last few days southbound, in photos

Here are a few pictures from our last days southbound. I suppose if I were a more dedicated blogger I would have snapped some pics as we entered the marina in Jacksonville, or at least taken a few photos by now, but, nope. We turned the camera off two days before we arrived. At any rate, enjoy this handful of photos. Cumberland Island was definitely a big highlight of the trip.

Hanging out at a waterfront restaurant in Beaufort, SC.

This girl LOVES ketchup.

Just south of the Savannah River the sky turned black. We were only a couple miles from our anchorage but thought it would be prudent to stop and wait for the storm to pass. We dropped the hook and watched amazing clouds.
And that was it. We didn't even get a drop of rain.

Hey shrimp boat, come back! Hans jumped in the dinghy and bought 5 pounds of shrimp from the captain, for $20. The scooped them up off the boat floor and dropped them into a plastic bag for us.

Amazing. The freshest shrimp I've ever eaten.

I didn't bring very many new toys on our trip, figuring what we had would keep the girls entertained.
Luckily, I had a few birthday presents and other toys and games stashed away that they hadn't seen yet.
Case in point: dress-up. We had such a fun evening at anchor off St. Catharine's Sound in Georgia.

Full moon.

Since she's lived aboard a boat from 3 days old, I'm not surprised that Freja has awesome balance,
but it's still pretty cool to watch her in action.

5 pictures above: Jekyll Island.
We found awesome live oaks to play around and on, a new friend
(that's Freja making her "aw, babies are sooo cute" face), and some live music to dance to.

Cumberland Island, the path to the beach. No filters, no editing on these two pictures.
Not because I'm an amazing photographer, simply because the landscape was incredible.

Ketchup. I need more ketchup!
At anchor off Cumberland Island.

And this was the first time we dragged anchor, ever. Fast moving current, strong gusty winds from 3 different squalls, and suddenly we were slowly drifting backwards. Not a pleasant feeling. Glad we were on the boat.

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