Saturday, July 1, 2017

Living the cruising life

June 30, 2017
Day 7 - Vero Beach to Peck Lake
07:15 to 12:20
approximately 41 miles

Again, we left at first light, escaping the no-see-ums. Biting gnats that have left my feet and legs covered in red welts. We motored, motored till lunch. We motored past beautiful sand spits and uninhabited islands till lunch time when we entered the Hobe Sound National Wildlife Preserve. Mangroves dotted with white sand beaches and an completely undeveloped beach on the ocean side. We stopped, and decided to stay for the rest of the day. We want to get to the Bahamas but we’re on vacation after all. 

We had a glorious day, swimming off the boat, swimming in the wild ocean, searching for shells, finding coconuts, eating said coconuts, and, generally, living the cruising life.

Hans rigged up a swing for the girls and it's hands-down both the favorite "toy" on the boat and also the one that causes the most fighting, tears, and heartbreak.

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