Monday, July 24, 2017

Six year old questions

Questions kids ask Freja about living on a boat, and her answers

Q. Where do you sleep? Where is everything?!!
A. It's like a house but floating on the water. I sleep at the front of the boat, inside.

Q. How does it not sink if it has holes on the side?
A. Because the holes are too far up.

Q. What is it made out of so it can float?
A. Well, I'm not exactly sure, but it's definitely made out of something that can float. I think it's made out of fiberglass.

Q. Do you have a TV and how does it work if its not plugged in to the electrical wire in the sky?
A. I do have a TV and we use it because we have little things that hold all our TV power and we plug it into our boat so it can work. But it doesn't work right now because when you're unplugged from the dock you can't watch TV.

Translation for that last one? The best I can guess is the electrical wire in the sky is satellites and internet. No idea what the "little things that hold all our TV power" are. Our solar panel maybe?

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