Saturday, July 1, 2017

Sea trial

July 1, 2017
Day 8 - Peck Lake to Lake Worth
08:50 - 14:20
approximately 26 miles

Our plan was to travel around 10 miles south down the Intercoastal to the Jupiter Inlet then head offshore for 10 more miles to Lake Worth. We wanted to sea trial the boat and ourselves. So we were eager and woke up early…..turned the key…nothing. Ooops, batteries are dead. But nope, that wasn’t the problem. Hans troubleshooted for about an hour while I gave the girls breakfast and tried to help. He called our mechanic who thankfully (thank you!) called us back at 8:30 on a Saturday morning and suggested it was the starter solenoid. He told Hans how to hotwire the engine, he did, and vrooom, we were off and running. So now Hans can add hot-wiring to his list of skills. Intubation? check. Suturing? check. Saving lives? check. Hot wiring an engine? check.

We headed down to the Jupiter Inlet passing gorgeous houses on the waterway. Expansive green lawns with palm trees, sandy beaches, and docks. Fun to see what a couple million can buy.

Right around this time Freja said to me,
"you know, I think I actually believe Matilda when she says 'I'm not scared of anything.'"

Out the Jupiter Inlet, holding our breath as the sea floor shoaled and it got really shallow really quickly. But it dropped off just as quickly and we were out in the ocean in blue, navy blue, aquamarine water. The girls loved it, until it got too rolly and they spent the two hour trip on our bed listening to an audiobook (the Boxcar Children) and then watching some you tube videos.

Poor kid, she was feeling out of sorts.
Rhumb Line takes to the open ocean!

We arrived at Lake Worth Inlet (Riviera Beach, West Palm) at the height of Saturday afternoon boat traffic. It was a lot of money and a lot of skin on show. We had a bit of a fiasco finding gas and water but after three different docks we were full on both counts and anchored just south of the inlet.

Hans jumped in the dinghy and ran a few errands. The girls watched hours upon hours of youtube videos because…no TV in the Bahamas! I’m excited and also dreading losing my free babysitter.

We plan on heading out the inlet tomorrow morning at 7AM. Bahamas, here we come!

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