Friday, February 28, 2014

screen time

This is one of my favorite pictures of Hans and Freja. 

But it is also a carbon copy of how Hans and I spend our evenings after the girls have gone to bed. The girls are asleep? It's all quiet? Great. Everyone grab your computer: it's time to waste away those precious adult-only hours on Facebook, Zillow, Pinterest, and, for Hans, the student-doctor network.

We strongly believe in no screen time before age two and then very limited screen time after that. There is one specific time that Freja is allowed to watch TV: when Hans is working late and I am putting Matilda to bed. She watches Emil i L√∂nneberga and knows that as soon as I am finished with Matilda she has to close the computer. No discussion. 

We need to follow her lead. How about no screen time for adults? When we were cruising on Whisper we watched a fair amount of movies, but we also read a lot of books and played cards and scrabble and socialized in the evenings.

Yet, these days, it's the same story every night. The pull of the internet. There is always something to look up, some information to glean, a silly video or an important news story. I'm trying to make an effort to read more books, even simple page-turning novels. I've pulled our game box out of the storage spot under Matilda's bed. But that's it. Not exactly a valiant effort.

Hans and the girls spend a fair amount of time doing this:

and this:

We need to do the same.

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