Thursday, February 27, 2014


From this 
our floating home, m/v Rhumb Line
to this:
the bounty from our future garden.

via this:
and the worms, that will make it possible.

When people found out I was pregnant with Freja, one of the first questions was: So when do you move off the boat? Then I got pregnant with Matilda and the question was: Okay, so now when do you move off the boat? 

Our next big life change is a move from Philadelphia to wherever Hans gets into residency, and, if all goes according to plan, we'll be moving to a more southern, water-based city. Think Florida. And before you get a chance to ask: So, what are you going to do with the boat? Here is the answer: Drive it south, of course! It couldn't be easier. We don't need to rent a Uhaul, we don't need to tow a trailer behind the car, we don't need to arrange temporary housing. We just need to fill up the gas tanks and untie the dock lines. 

But one day, one day, we will move off the boat. I promise. I don't dream of a house, per se, but of the space. And not the space to be found in the kitchen or living room, but outside. I dream of a yard where the girls can play and where I can have a garden. (I do, however, dream of a bigger bathroom.)

It's only a matter of weeks before we find out where Hans will do his next step of doctor training, so landlubbing is on my mind. Ideally, once we get settled in our new city, we'll sell the boat and use the proceeds toward the purchase of a house. With a yard. A pool or waterfront would be awesome. Hence my dreams of dirt.

As I dream of gardens and green in February, I was introduced to vermicompost. Or, worm composting. We went to the Please Touch Museum this morning with friends and there was a short program for the kids on worms and worm boxes. I was just as fascinated as the kids. I know about compost - throwing your kitchen scraps in a pile in the backyard and letting them ferment and fester till they turn into dark, rich soil - but I didn't know about vermicompost. Basically, getting a bunch of worms, sticking them in a box and throwing them your kitchen scraps every day. They eat the scraps and turn them into even darker, even richer soil.

So whenever we do move ashore, we won't be getting Fido or sleek black cat. I bet we'll be getting a couple pounds of red wigglers.

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  1. Awesome post! I felt myself nodding along at everything, especially the bathroom!

    I heard that the move is coming. We can't wait to hear more details! What a great way to move>all fun, no hassle. Sounds like a great adventure!

    Oh, and I love the idea of composting and gardening. My only requirement when we finally move is some place where I can have a mango tree and an avocado tree and banana trees and pineapple bushes. Now I guess I have to add worms! :)

    Really enjoying your writing here!