Monday, February 24, 2014

Welcome Aboard m/v Rhumb Line

m/v Rhumb Line  is a 1989 Carver 3607 Aft Cabin, a gas guzzling power cruiser. We like to take him (Yes, him. There is nothing remotely feminine about this boat.) out for short sunset cruises in the summer to catch some fresh(er) air to get some peace and quiet from the noise of the city and to get a change of scenery from the marina. But we can't stray far since the boat is powered with two HUGE gas engines, sucking down something like 5 gallons an hour at idle, 20+ gallons an hour when cruising on a plane. So 99.9% of the time, m/v Rhumb Line is our floating condo in Philadelphia. Compared to our 27' Albin Vega sailboat, the Carver is a mighty spacious condo.

a quick sketch of our interior layout
Headroom, windows, copious amounts of sunlight, a tall fridge, two heads (toilets), a shower, a double bed, a washing machine, etc. etc. It's a completely different world--like comparing apples to oranges.

The boat is a late 80's vintage and I can best describe the interior decor as Motel 6 inspired. Lots of pastels and large, watercolor-esque brush strokes. We made short work of ripping out most of the curtains and the beige carpeting and repainting the walls with fresh, bright paint. We stripped and oiled the interior teak and varnished the exterior brightwork. Before Freja was born we converted the vee-berth into a safe space for a baby and made some semi-permanent modifications to the forward head to include a changing table and easy access to all her tiny socks, leggings, and dresses. We constantly battle with climate control--it's always too hot in the summer and too cold in the winter, but we've added insulation and have learned the best placement for our heaters.

Our jobs are firmly divided between pink and blue jobs. I've embraced this division of labor because I have no interest in working on the engines, the plumbing, or adjusting squeaky docklines at 10PM in January. Hans takes care of all the stereotypical manly-man jobs on the boat while I stay inside and polish the silver.

Stay tuned in the upcoming weeks for a photographic tour of our floating home as well as discussions of what works and what doesn't for our liveaboard lifestyle.

In the meantime, check out this quick search on to see similar boats:

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